Plumbing works

Plumbing works require an experienced and certified specialist who is able to perform plumbing works in accordance with the requirements of the law and issue the required and correct documentation for the work performed.


Plumbing work is usually part of the construction process that is avoided by even the most experienced DIY-enthusiasts. The reason is actually simple - it's a pretty big responsibility - everything has to be 100% correct and safe. In addition, correct documentation, approved by a certified expert, is required to obtain a building permit.


Our team has experienced workers and we are confident  that the result will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customer with the highest standards.

Plumbing works are versatile.

The field of plumbing work is broad and diverse, and the plumber has to pay attention to various small details, so it makes sense to use experienced professionals.

Course construction

We build indoor and outdoor courses.

Plumbing installation

We install various sanitary fittings.

Construction of heating systems

We build various heating systems.


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